HR Support For Small Businesses

Emplaw Solutions is proud to introduce our HR support for small businesses package. In today’s climate whether you employ one person or a hundred people you are required, by law to follow strict guidelines put in place by the UK and European legislation.

What sets us apart from our competitors and why you should choose Emplaw Solutions is simple, our practical, employer friendly approach to this complex area will leave you with the assurance and confidence that not only are you fully protected from the risks of employing staff, but more importantly you have everything in place to aid the growth of your business.HR Support For

Small Businesses

For just £2.70 per day you can have;
Comprehensive, bespoke contracts of employment, policies and procedures along with all other HR documentation required in order to meet the needs of your business.

24/7 advice service, manned by a team of experienced employment law solicitors.With HR support for small businesses you will no longer need to worry or second guess how to deal with a situation, our instant employment law advice for employers will give you peace of mind that no matter what happens, night or day expert help is at hand at no additional cost.

Full tribunal representation is included in the package. Unfortunately, tribunals and claims against employers are common place with the growing ‘no win no fee’ culture and also home, and other insurance policies offering up to £100,000 in legal representation for individuals. If tribunal papers were to land on your desk, we will handle it from start to finish, gathering any information necessary to support your case in tribunal. We will then represent you.

If we were to lose in tribunal, you are fully protected from the scary awards that we see on a daily basis. We offer indemnity as a critical part of our service. If you lose we will pay all legal fees and compensation awards. *providing any advice for Hr support for small businesses given by Emplaw Solutions is followed.